Into Realms of Unknown Madness

If you have read the actual play reports at The Delvers, you might have a good idea of what The Delvers’ Podcast is going to be all about. Reading the actual play reports is not a requirement for enjoying this podcast.

Here are a few quotes from people who have listened to the first few episodes.

“I find [The Delvers’ Podcast] very entertaining. What I hear is very “typical” (meaning good typical) of what goes on at the table. I can see [The Delvers’ Podcast] being of interest because there are loads of gamers our age gaming old-school with their kids.”

– Greg Gillespie, Discourse & Dragons and Barrowmaze I & II

“[The Delvers’ Podcast] does a great job of catching some of the funny/fun moments that are part of the game experience. It sounds really professional [. . .]”

– Telecanter, Telecanter’s Receding Rules

“[The Delvers’ Podcast] had me giggling at work. Hurry up and set it up so I can subscribe!! I also now want a dog named Dragon-chewer.”

– Liz, Nearly Enough Dice

Spoiler: Dragon-chewer does not make it.

I’m an old-school Dungeon Master running his two girls and their mom through dungeon crawls using Labyrinth Lord. It can be funny at times, but the frustration of herding cats is there. In this case, female cats who had never played D&D until I broke out my RPG books.

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