TD005 – The Barrow Mounds

The Delvers:

  • Kay – Amber Maqueil, Human Ranger
  • Sue – Iron Flint, Half-Orc Fighter
  • Tess – Circe, Human Cleric

The Dungeon:

Show Outline:

  • Introduction
  • DM Notes
  • DM Recap
  • Actual Play @ 1 minute, 27 seconds
  • Sound Credits

Additional DM Notes:

  • Henchmen courtesy of Meatshields.
  • Arrr! Pirate maps!
  • Arrr! Gunpowder! Er . . . wait.
  • I refer to Iron Flint as an Orc. She is playing a Half-Orc.
  • Iron spikes ftw
  • Losing an arrow is a big deal to any Delver.
  • Listening to the recording after the fact, I realize Amber (not Kay) is talking to Tess about the woods.
  • I love my custom Barrowmaze dice, but they’re cursed!
  • I don’t apply the Barrowmaze turn penalty, unless they are inside the Barrowmaze.
  • Our Greyhawk Map

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