TD009 – Random Encounters

The Delvers:

  • Kay – Amber Maqueil, Human Ranger
  • Sue – Iron Flint, Half-Orc Fighter
  • Tess – Circe, Human Cleric

The Dungeon:

Show Outline:

  • Introduction
  • DM Notes
  • DM Recap
  • Actual Play @ 1 minute, 16 seconds
  • Sound Credits

Additional DM Notes:

  • Random Encounters can also throw a wrench into your plans to produce a podcast that is supposed to be 15-20 minutes long (Time: 21:14).
  • I have been under the weather for the last few days, if you wonder why I sound “odd” during the DM Notes and Recap.
  • Player: Roll twice. DM: Okay.
  • The Black Hand or “The Thieves Guild” are named after The Black Hands, since they were a rival group to their pirates in the previous campaign.
  • It’s singular, since the guild marks fences with a painted black hand in the dark alleys of Naerie.
  • Natural 20: Critcal hit, full damage.
  • Natural 1: Critical miss, the attacked makes an immediate free attack on the attacker. The idea is that you failed in such a way that you left yourself open.
  • Natural 1×2: Epic Maneuver (YTMND links: Sound auto-plays).
  • I do apologize if stating “You!” in the heat of battle is not helpful. I hope the editing makes it clear who I am talking to, but in future episodes I make the effort to state who I am referencing.
  • Vex runs The Black Hand, not Louie.
  • Copper dilemma!
  • 10 Tomb Robbers, two small sacks each (20lbx2 limit); 300 cps each with room to spare.
  • After battling Sapphire Skeletons, unknown to The Delvers, Louie and his gang would often follow their pirates and collect the shattered sapphires the pirates left behind.
  • Tomb Robbers have a Hoard Class of XX. Aside from the coppers, I rolled gems as well. It seemed fitting to make them sapphires.
  • Sue’s last words in this episode, classic.
  • Our Greyhawk Map

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