TD010 – The Dungeon Alphabet

The Delvers:

  • Kay – Amber Maqueil, Human Ranger
  • Sue – Iron Flint, Half-Orc Fighter
  • Tess – Circe, Human Cleric

The Dungeon:

Show Outline:

  • Introduction
  • DM Notes
  • DM Recap
  • Actual Play @ 1 minute, 27 seconds
  • Sponsors!*
  • Sound Credits

Additional DM Notes:

  • The Dungeon Alphabet by Michael Curtis
  • Sue was right. I screwed up. I should not have answered “the human’s” questions about the room. The barrow mound was dark and no light source was in use at the time.
  • They look up twice and light up the room twice. Wtf?
  • As methodical as they are, it’s almost amazing they do not find the loose flagstone.
  • I should have said the skeleton was held together by all the cobwebs.
  • Should I put in the show notes that, until I asked Tess, I had no idea who Shelob was? Oh, shi-
  • I have a list of fantasy names for different races. Unfortunately for Jake, it was not on hand that day.
  • Sunshine is Kay’s first character’s mom. Starlight, Kay’s first character, enjoyed rat meat.
  • Why is the tongue black?
  • “.33 (repeating of course)”
  • Our Greyhawk Map

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