Kevin MacLeod

The Delvers’ Podcast theme song is
Darkest Child Kevin MacLeod (

The Delvers’ Podcast also uses
Sneaky Snitch Kevin MacLeod (

Kay’s background music is
Private Reflection Kevin MacLeod (

Sue’s background music is
Greta Sting Kevin MacLeod (

Tess’ background music is
Danse Macabre – Big Hit 2 Kevin MacLeod (

The Misty Mug music is
Parisian Kevin MacLeod ( and
Duet Musette Kevin MacLeod (

Petty Gods music is
The Path of the Goblin King Kevin MacLeod ( in TD013, TD015 and DM002.

Keeper of the Tablet music is
Fairytale Waltz Kevin MacLeod (,
Gone Beyond Kevin MacLeod ( and
Industrial Music Box Kevin MacLeod ( in TD019.

Tomb of Horrors contains
Gone Beyond Kevin MacLeod ( in The Agitated Chamber.

Dyson’s Delve uses
Rites Kevin MacLeod (,
Hidden Agenda Kevin MacLeod ( and
Firesong Kevin MacLeod (

Kevin MacLeod’s music is licensed under Creative Commons:
By Attribution 3.0

Jon Sayles

The Keep music in TD001 and TDS1 is performed by Jon Sayles, specifically The Witches Dance, See My Own Sweet Jewel, and Browning.

Check out his great music.

The Wonderful People at

Finally, this podcast uses many sounds from, see the full list here.

Oryx Design Lab

Thanks to ORYX for the sprites in the header.

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