burnedfx Graphic Set

For personal use with Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress.


  • An original complete set of graphic tiles for dwarf, elf, human, goblin, kobold
  • A graphic tile for every creature/animal in the same art style
  • A custom ASCII tileset and color scheme
  • Optional raw edits to remove non-tribal animal men and most giant variations
  • Tile size: 12×12 / 24×24
  • DF Compatibility: 43.05


Complete installation instructions found in the bfx_ReadMe.txt

12×12 Screenshots*

With BFX Bone Color Scheme:














With BFX Color Scheme:











*24×24 pictures linked to images.

About this Graphic Set

I started playing Dwarf Fortress using the default ASCII. But, around the time of 40d I came across Plac1d’s graphic set. While not for everyone – I loved the art style. At the time, his set covered every civ and creature in the game. And, to top it off, Anniki created a 12×12 version which worked great with Markavian’s tileset.

Fast forward to 31.xx – I continued to use Plac1d’s set, but with all the new creatures added I would occasionally encounter one that wasn’t covered – so I’d save my game, create the creature in question and resume play. Then Coaldiamond released his continuation of Plac1d’s set. This was awesome; I could focus on play and not have to worry about interrupting my game with quick edits.

Unfortunately, Plac1d and Coaldiamond have not updated their sets since. With the 40.xx release, I created an up to date set for myself. I also decided to redo the civs from scratch with the idea that they would seamlessly meld with the bestiary style of Plac1d’s, akin to Coaldiamond’s additions. I suspect there are a few out there that may enjoy this art style as well, so I decided to share it.

A Note on Tilesets and RAW edits

With few exceptions my brain can’t handle the “graphic” tilesets; my imagination enjoys the pixel creatures interacting with an ASCII world where symbols mean different things based on color and context. I also don’t like the idea of playing in a TMNT/Gamma World setting i.e. with a plethora of animal men in my game. But, I do enjoy the subterranean animal men.

Also, while my main focus was to remove things like “giant space hamsters” from my game – my choice for the giant variations that remain was completely arbitrary.

Using the raw edits is not required, but you won’t find any creature graphics in this set for the ones removed. A complete list of which animal men and giant variations I kept can be found in the bfx_ReadMe.txt

Do not use these raw edits on an existing saved game.


  • Dwarves, Humans, Elves, Goblins, and Kobolds by burnedfx.
  • Original bestiary by Plac1d (40d).
  • Additional bestairy by Coaldiamond (31.xx) and burnedfx (40.xx).
  • Companion tileset base created by Markavian with pieces taken from Anikki and additional edits by burnedfx.

Special thanks to geoduck for helping me out with my profession/race/bestairy spreadsheet and to zilpin for his animal man removal tip. To Plac1d for creating the best graphic set in 40d, to Coaldiamond for continuing that set in 31.xx, and Markavian and Anniki for their awesome tilsets.

And, to crapabear, Freak2121 and Vherid who influenced me to change my color scheme after all these years.

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