Something in the Way

This post is very difficult for me to write.

Tess’ mother is extremely ill. Tess and the girls are leaving the state of California this 4th of July weekend to stay with Tess’ mom indefinitely. I cannot leave California because I cannot cut off the only source of income our family has at this time. California’s economy is already kicking our ass, so I will also have to find a new home for now.

My hope was to pull through this crisis and still maintain the weekly podcast. Every crisis is relative, but this situation is literally separating our family for an unknown time period.

I  have cancelled all subscription based donations. I do not feel right in continuing to take anyone’s money on a monthly basis if I am shutting down the podcast at this time. Unless you are Ricky Gervais, podcasting is a money sink; a money sink that our family cannot afford at this time.

I created The Delvers and The Delvers’ podcast to share the joy I experience gaming with my family, Kay, Sue and Tess. This was never about making money. My return was reading the wonderful emails you guys sent in or the reviews on iTunes we received. Thank you so much for those. Sharing your comments, reviews and feedback with the girls and seeing their faces light up never gets old. Their happiness is worth everything to me.

I did replace the monthly subscription with a one-time donation button. Consider this just my entertainer’s hat out on the sidewalk as you pass by The Delvers. If you enjoyed our family podcast or even just liked the written reports at The Delvers, I would be grateful for any donation you could afford. If you cannot afford a donation, I completely understand, believe me.

All money that is donated will go directly to help Tess and the girls along with any money I can send them as they take care of Tess’ mom.

Our gaming days are not over. We already have plans to game on Google+ or via some other method online. I cannot say when I will resurrect the podcast, but I thought going back to writing about The Delvers would, at the very least, be therapeutic for myself while I am separated from them physically.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and a further sincere thank you for sharing The Delvers with others.

I hope that we brought a smile to your face and continue to do so with new listeners that discover The Delvers in our absence.

In the meantime, take care of yourself and your family.

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